chickadee entertainment creates only exquisite video. 

we dedicate time & effort into making your image impeccable.

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CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR PORTFOLIO - we are very proud to work with some of the biggest names in business.  This is in PDF form.

CONTENTS - the following explains the Portfolio Contents.

ABOUT ME - you can connect with me personally via LinkedIn.

PREVIOUS CLIENTS - see who we have worked with.

HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT - there are many video production companies out there, but how are we different?

THE PROBLEMS - what are some of the most common problems while producing video for your company?

THE SOLUTIONS - the solutions we provide to address the problems.

EQUIPMENT WE USE - what do we use to create our products?  Find out here.

POST PRODUCTION - what do we use to edit our products?  Find out here. 


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR CASE STUDY - we want to make sure that video is making a return on your budget.  See how we do that by downloading this PDF.

SUBJECT - we decided to perform a case study with one of our clients, Dr. Gorman.

THE PROCESS - we go over in detail how we produce videos for you!

SUMMARY/RESULTS - the results speak for themselves!  It is important to track & measure where your video is going so that you can gain more traction.

QUICK TIP - we have included an overall goal that should always be kept in mind throughout keeping video for your company.



CORPORATE VIDEOGRAPHY - Our pricing ranges from $1,500 - $100,000 depending on a variety of factors.

SMALL BUSINESS - if you are looking for 1-2 quick videos for your small business, give us a call at 415-316-7983 to discuss your needs.

ENTERPRISE - looking to add a lot of media to your company?  We can handle the workload.  Please give us a call at 415-316-7983 to discuss your needs.

WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY - Our pricing ranges from $1,500 - $5,000 depending on a variety of factors.  Please give us a call at 415-316-7983 to discuss your needs.




3DMAKER - our partner who specializes in brand building & website design. 

SPLICEVINE - post production at the highest caliber.



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10 Tips on Producing & Financing from SXSW - Filmmaker magazine gives tips on running a film in today's independent film marketplace. 

25 of the Best Cities for Independent Businesses - The Washington Post lists 25 of America's best cities that help run our nation's economy.

Film Tax Credit pumped 3.8 billion into California - How much does filming in California help the economy?  A lot!  See the details here.

Tools & Utilities for Independent Filmmakers - need paperwork for your shoot?  Dependent films offers actual files for download here.

Film Industry Cheat Sheet - FilmSourcing hooks it up with plenty of filmmaking resources right here!

Mark Duplass provides 8 Tips for Indie Film - Even more tips from this successful Actor/Director/Producer.

Top 15 Mistake Beginner Filmmakers Make - D4Darious explains 15 mistakes filmmakers make when starting out, this is great for anybody trying to create video for themselves!